Your First Visit

A thorough diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan is the key to achieving optimal oral health that lasts a lifetime.

During your first appointment with us, we will perform a complete diagnosis that includes an oral cancer screening, an evaluation of the soft tissues (cheeks, tongue, palate), an evaluation of your periodontal health (gums and surrounding bone), and an evaluation of the hard tissue (teeth). We will also take the appropriate digital radiographs necessary to ensure a thorough and complete diagnosis.

While our clinical findings are invaluable, equally important to these diagnostic findings is what you tell us. We will listen to you. We want to know your concerns and main treatment goals.

With the information we obtain through our diagnosis and from listening to what you want, we will help develop your individual treatment plan. When possible, we will provide you with treatment options as well. We will explain our findings, the treatment options available, and let you participate in making the decisions about your own oral health.